Business Spotlight

Seneca Florist

By: Kylee Luckeroth

“We are just getting ready for everything to come375669_605973106088198_576666757_n,” Lex Luckeroth, owner and operator of Seneca Florist said. “Fall comes and we glide into mums and all the fall colors, then it’s November and Thanksgiving, then Christmas with it’s wonderful poinsettias and before I know it’s Valentine’s Day,” she laughed, “time really flies.”

Time truly has seemed to fly around the business of Seneca Florist which has held its home in Seneca for 134 years, making it easily one of the longest running business located in town. Current owners Tom and Lex Luckeroth have ran the business since 1993 but Lex had been in the floral business for almost ten years prior to that.

“I can always remember I started all this (being a florist) in April of 1985, the spring after my oldest was born. That’s the only way I can remember for sure!” Lex said.

Seneca Florist has seen many changes since 1881 when it was first began by Henry Robert Brown. The store has had seven different proprietors and many different focuses throughout it’s time.  In the earlier years the main focus of the business was for the greenhouses and bedding plants. Cut flowers were grown in the greenhouses and then used for arrangements. As years passed it made more sense to have the flowers delivered from wholesalers. Wholesale flower distributers have access to flowers grown all over the world at different times of years, times when they wouldn’t have been available if only grown locally. As for the greenhouses they haven’t been in use at Seneca Florist for a few years now. There are a lot places that sell bedding and vegetable plants, some locally, that it was no longer cost effective for Seneca Florist to provide this service.

In addition to day to day reasons people need flowers, large events and holidays make up the bulk of business conducted by Seneca Florist. Major life events such as births, weddings, anniversaries, etc. are huge for a flower shop. Business really booms around holidays centered on gift giving. The two biggest being Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

The truth is flowers are used to show love and to apologize, to mourn and to celebrate, the expressions a bouquet of flowers can create span the spectrum of emotions. It is for this reason that the florist business continues to thrive and has no signs of stopping.

Seneca Florist is open Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm and available on Saturdays for appointments or pre-arranged pickups. Visit Seneca Florist’s Facebook page or their website: for more information.

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